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This is our new reseller system. Once you are confirmed as a reseller, which happens after paying for 20 IDs, not counting duplicates, you will be given access to this system.

Below are pictures from the (old) reseller website. We will update this soon with new pictures. It is a website with a domain name completely unrelated to ours, and cannot be found in search engines if a customer decides to try to find out who is behind everything. This protects you from customers trying to go around you.

We will provide you with your own custom domain name! It can be anything available. This means we will register any domain name you want, and it will have the form on it the same. You can brand yourself this way! It could be, anything!

This system allows you to give your customers a website and the password to enter the website. They will be able to submit their own information, including their own picture and a signature pad that they can use with a mouse or touch screen. Once they submit the ID, they will be shown the green confirmation page. Have them send you a screenshot of this for better accuracy. Once you collect everyone’s ID Number and Last Name, you will submit this information on the main website.

Currently, you can add 30 IDs to one item. If you need more than 30, just add another item.

This system saves resellers an enormous amount of time. You will no longer have to collect all the customer’s information, pictures, signatures, and so much else.

You can also drop ship with us. You can maintain an account balance that will be deducted from as you place orders to make this easier. This makes it so you don’t have to regularly go back and forth to buy bitcoin. Just place a new order for any quantity and checkout with your customers address! Now you can sell nationwide!

You can even have resellers under you! Just tell them to collect the money and the screenshots, and you take it from there.

Let us know what we can do to improve! We look forward to working with you.

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