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Preorder your New California fake ID by 21done today! Limited supply!

Collecting orders and gauging real interest in this level of quality. Production times for nCA are more than 6x longer than nIL. It is much more complicated and time consuming. The amount of steps required is more than double. If demand at this price point is not high enough, then we will have to rethink our approach which could result in us having to increase efficiency at the expense of some quality, so this preorder qualifies you for what could potentially end up being a one off, single batch run of our highest quality nCA, followed by weekly batches of a cheaper, easier to produce nCA. We will credit your internal wallet for any price discrepancy between the price you pay today, and the price at launch. We anticipate it staying the same, but if we have to produce a lesser quality product, you will still pay the same as everyone else, you will just get the better version. Hopefully we launch with the current over the top high end version we’ve worked so hard to make a reality.

  • 1:1 Perfect Barcodes that pass BCS and AgeID and all other barcode scanners
  • Functional magnetic stripe that passes verification
  • Real Raised Ink produced exactly the same way that the real California raised ink is produced
  • Pulsed Fiber Laser on the production line with custom conveyor belt automation system
  • Full color spectrum UV portrait
  • Real color matching produced using a spectrophotometer
  • Proper microprint visible under magnification
  • Special infrared reflective ink
  • Security ink color matched OVI holograms made in-house
  • 1:1 perfect perforation of bear and state outline
  • First fully in state passable nCA ever
  • No peal, genuine polycarbonate lamination

Review copies are being made available exclusively to people who have previously written a review about our product anywhere online prior to 3/1/22, good or bad.

Preorder now to lock in very own in state passable, nCA fake ID by 21done! Collecting orders and gauging genuine interest. Production times for nCA are more than 6x longer than nIL. It is much more complicated and time consuming. The amount of steps required is more than double. If demand at this price point is not high enough, then we will have to rethink our approach.

We are limiting the amount of nCA preorders to just a couple hundred IDs in total to make sure that we are able to keep up with demand for the first batch. When we stop accepting preorders you will know because this item will say out of stock. First come first serve.

We will have a new submission form for you to use to submit your data available soon. Announcements will be made and emails will be sent out when you can submit your information. If you are buying multiple slots, then you will be allowed to submit multiple order forms.

Shipping will take place in April, and assuming a solid launch, will continue on a weekly basis on our normal batch system.

This is an expensive, exclusive, bespoke fake ID. I do not expect everyone to be happy with the pricing structure, but it is necessary to enable us to successfully offer this level of quality and craftsmanship with the extremely limited number of staff that we employee due to security concerns that hiring new workers brings. We will stay small and exclusive and continue to be the only place to go to get the world’s highest quality fake ID.

Pricing structure:

  • 1 nCA ID – $300
  • 2 nCA IDs – $500
  • 5 nCA IDs – $1000
  • 10 nCA IDs – $1600

No duplicate pricing. Other vendors provide duplicate IDs for free because they know there is a very high chance that you will end up needing it. With a fake ID by 21done, you will not need a duplicate. Unless of course you often misplace your purse or wallet, in which case you will be required to pay the full price again for a replacement.

USPS Priority Mail with tracking included in price.

No exceptions to this pricing structure, we are not interested in incentivizing a high volume of orders. We wouldn’t be able to keep up and would fail to provide the level of quality we demand.

Reseller pricing will be a tier based system to help reward our most successful resellers. Reseller pricing will be announced at a later date in the reseller only private Telegram channel.

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