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Payment Methods

  • Direct Bitcoin ATM

    Pay using a Bitcoin ATM


    This is by far the easiest, fastest, and safest payment method available. All you do is the following:

    • Place your order and take a picture or screenshot of the QR Code/ barcode at checkout.
    • Go to any Bitcoin ATM and setup using a phone number.
    • Scan the QR Code/barcode at the ATM.
    • Enter the total amount of money for your order.
    • Press done.

    That’s it! It really is that easy. We take the hassle out of worrying about ‘wallets’ or ‘receiving addresses’ or any other confusing aspects of Bitcoin.

    First, you need to find a Bitcoin ATM. Click here to find a Bitcoin ATM. You can also search google for “bitcoin atm near me” or “bitcoin atm near ZIPCODE” without quotes, and replace ZIPCODE with your 5 digit zip code.

    After you find one near you, place your order! You will see a screen after checkout like this:

    All you need is that QR Code, the big barcode with the B in the middle. Take a picture with your phone, or screenshot it if you are using mobile.

    Make sure you can move the picture around on your phone, as you may need to get the barcode to the bottom of your cell phone screen for the ATM to be able to scan it depending on the size of your phone.

    That’s it! Head out to the ATM right away. Once you get there, you will be asked to enter in a phone number. Use your cell phone number, and an SMS verification code will be sent to it. Verify your phone by entering in the SMS code sent to you on the ATM.

    Now you will likely be asked to set a 4 digit pin. This is just for use at the ATM if you wish to use the ATM again. Some ATMs will ask to scan the barcode on the back of your ID. This is perfectly safe as there is no way to tell who the money is being sent to, certainly not to us!

    Make sure to select that you are BUYING Bitcoin(BTC). Make sure you see “BTC” on your selection! You will be asked how you want to be paid, to which you will answer “Personal Wallet” or “Wallet QR Code.” If it asks you if you are buying bitcoin for someone else, say no! You are buying it for personal use.

    Now the ATM will ask to scan your barcode. Hold your phone up to the scanner with the barcode you got from us showing on the screen. Move it back and forth a little bit if it is having trouble scanning. It will eventually pick it up.

    After the scan is complete, you will be able to enter money into the machine. Accept anything is says about the value or price of bitcoin. Go ahead and enter in the exact amount due for your order in cash. Once complete, hit done.

    That’s it! You will see your order update from “Payment Pending” to “Processing” in 10-30 minutes.

    Feel free to contact support if you have any questions about this process. This really is the best way to pay!

  • Bitcoin

    Pay using Bitcoin

    If you would like to pay directly from your wallet, simply place your order and checkout. You will be presented with a screen like this:

    Either use your wallet app to scan the barcode and send the funds, or click “Copy” and use the receiving address and BTC amount provided to manually send the funds from your wallet. You can also press “Open in wallet” to automatically open the transaction in your default wallet app. That’s it! All payments are accepted automatically. Your order status will go from “Payment Pending” to “Processing” in 10-30 minutes.

  • Other Crypto

    Pay using any Major Cryptocurrency

    We accept the following cryptocurrencies:


    Contact customer support to pay with anything other than BTC.

  • Cashapp

    Pay using Cashapp’s Bitcoin Features

    Cashapp allows you to buy, sell, and withdraw Bitcoin. If you go to the main dashboard in Cashapp, scroll down and select Bitcoin. If you scroll down, you can see the Withdraw section and a button to get verified. This can take up to a week, but once verified, you can use this method to pay us directly from Cashapp! You will be asked to scan a picture of the front and back of your ID, as well as take a selfie. Cashapp uses this to verify your identity. Once you are verified, Cashapp will notify you via app notifications. You can also check the Bitcoin section of the Dashboard to see if you are verified. If you are verified, you will see a button for Withdraw.

    Once you are verified, simply buy the amount of Bitcoin needed for your order. After you do that, go to Withdraw, and pull the slider all the way to the right. When it asks you for your Bitcoin Address, either manually type in the one provided on the checkout screen or click Scan QR Code and scan the code. You can also copy and paste the address in.

    This will withdraw the money from your Cashapp Bitcoin Wallet to us. Your order’s status will update from Payment Pending to Processing in 10-30 minutes.

    Feel free to contact support for more information about using this method.

  • WU/MG

    Pay using WU/MG

    If you insist on paying with WU/MG, even though the Direct Bitcoin ATM option is cheaper, safer, and faster, we can handle this for you. Contact customer support and we will send you payment information. This can cause your order to be delayed until the next batch!

  • Cash in the Mail

    Pay using Cash in the Mail

    If for some reason you don’t want to use the Direct Bitcoin ATM method, we can accept cash in the mail as well. Just use to locate a Bitcoin seller willing to accept cash in the mail!

  • Venmo

    Pay using Venmo

    With additional identification verification, and a minimum order of $200 or more, we can accept Venmo. We reserve the right to refuse this service for any reason.

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