June-July 2021 Updates

We collect orders each week and process them all at once when the countdown runs out. This allows you to know when your ID will ship, as well as exactly when you will receive tracking. Click here to learn more.

^ Batch Cutoff Time ^

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We wanted to take a moment to touch on the delays we have been experiencing lately, as well as any slacking on our part when it comes to direct communication, especially with resellers, as we know you also have people to answer to. We spend a lot of time and a lot of money behind the scenes doing our best to keep everyone safe in any way that we are able to. This includes independently generating labels from customer to customer, doing specific drops to keep reseller orders that are often in large quantity away from regular customer orders that often are not, to mixing the Bitcoin you send us in a way so that if an unwelcome source sent us funds, that the simple act alone of them paying us wouldn’t be enough to link anyone together, which is too often the case when dealing with other vendors. We do this because we give a shit, but it’s also just good business. If bad things come anyone’s way, that’s bad for business, and we aren’t here for that. We are here to do good business and lots of it. Often times delays are outside of our control, and often times it’s better operational security to just not discuss things in too much detail. Having said that, here are some updates:

  • All orders have been shipped.
  • Tracking numbers for all orders that are now marked Shipped will be posted on Monday at 5pm Central time.
  • Batch will close at the currently scheduled time and any orders currently marked Processing now and at the end of batch will ship over the following three days.
  • We are now back on schedule with planned shipping Tuesday-Thursday moving forward.
  • We are introducing a public Telegram channel next week!
  • Resellers, check the reseller item product description for information on the new private reseller Telegram channel and on directly contacting reseller support moving forward.

Each red dot in the following image represents a general location of a shipment from this most recent batch. See if you can find yours!

Here is a privacy modified image of some of the IDs from this batch:

We are constantly working to improve. We will continue to do so and will continue where we left off weeks ago, with on time, consistent weekly shipments.

That is all for now. Stay safe!

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