WE MUST RECEIVE AT LEAST THE AMOUNT IN FULL FOR YOUR ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED PAID! (If you are unsure of the ATM fee, just add 15% to be safe)


We operate on a weekly batch system. Click here to learn more.

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  • How do I place an order?

    2 simple steps.
    Register an account on site, then click HERE (PASSWORD “fake” without quotes) to submit your information for your ID.   You will be assigned an ID Number which will be displayed with your Last Name after you are done. Using just your ID Number and Last Name, you can place your order! Make sure to review your data before you submit.

    Now secondly, click HERE to order. You will be taken to the main order page that shows the products you can add to your cart. Click on New Illinois License Form for a new license or Duplicate ID(Previously Purchased) for past purchased ID. Click here for pricing of IDs.

    Key in the ID Num and Last name from your first step in the fields on top and checkout. Select a duplicate if you need it. It isn’t free. Checkout normally by BTC if you are paying by BTC. PRE AUTH is ONLY when we authorize you for non BTC payments. Feel free to send your friends to the same link ( order.21done.ph ) to save time on collecting information. All information keyed is final. If you realised you made a mistake after you submitted a order, redo your ID Num and last name and resubmit the order. More information on BTC payments using BTC ATM here

    Resellers, we offer this form using a white label system that hides our website name completely, allowing you to save time by having your customers submit all of their own information! Choose your own domain name!

  • What if I am ordering more than one ID?

    After you have collected everyone’s ID Number and Last Name, just click “Add 2nd ID” and “Add 3rd ID” on the product page to order multiple IDs. This works for up to 30 IDs, at which point you would need to add to cart and select the product again. If this happens, make sure to contact support about being a flat rate reseller!

  • What name should I use for my ID?

    We highly recommend using your real name. This allows you to have multiple forms of secondary IDs like your credit cards, student ID, etc. This also makes it easier to remember. Also important note. Do not use ‘s. E.G. If your last name is O’Brien. Do not add the “‘” input it as O Brien

  • What Date of Birth (DOB) / Age should I use for my ID?

    Being 21 is cool, but being 22 or 23 is better. Most people choose to be 21. Being older might bring less attention to you. It’s totally up to you. If you want to select a age that is beyond what our template allows to select, it is a different and MUCH higher price tier. Send in a ticket to find out more.

  • What about the Issued Date and Expiration Date?

    Our system will automatically calculate these dates. We will choose an issued date that is 8-10 days after your 21st birthday to reflect what happens with real IDs when someone turns 21. Our system makes sure that your issued date doesn’t fall on a Sunday or Holiday. Your expiration date is calculated to match what a real ID would say.

  • Can I choose my license number?

    Your license number will be generated to reflect what your license number would really be if the ID was real. This is decided by an algorithm based on your name, date of birth, and gender, just as a real one is.

  • How should I take my picture?

    Please carefully read our picture guide for more information about taking pictures.

  • Can I use a custom signature?

    Yes! Our system allows you to create a digital signature that will result in the perfect signature for your ID.

  • What do I need to do to send in a ticket or message Live Chat?
    Click here. Do not type full essays. Just go straight to the point with your issue. Also do not type “hi” on chat and wait for a reply. Just type out your issue. Most importantly, start your ticket or chat with your Order Number or email on site
  • If I sent in a ticket on site can I message you with the same issue on Wickr?
    You can. But we will not like it. If you sent in a ticket on site, wait for it to be answered. WE WILL get to you within 2 working days. Same goes vice versa. If you sent us a message on wickr (ID wickr21done), you do not need to send in a ticket on site with the same issue.
  • I think the CS was very rude to me, can I send in a complaint?
    Chances are, you asked a very dumb question that can be answered if you checked and read the FAQ and site carefully like what we mentioned on our Home Page. So in all honesty, if our CS sassed you out, you probably deserved it. Remember, we aren’t Amazon CS. Though we strive to be professional at all times, we can and we will give you lip as and when we deem fit. If you still want to send in a complaint, you can send in a ticket on site.
  • Do you include duplicates free in every order?
    Short answer, no. Our product has very low confiscation rates so there is no need for free duplicates with every order like most other vendors that have high confiscation rates do.


  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all Major Cryptocurrencies, Direct Bitcoin ATM deposit(no bitcoin experience necessary), Cashapp(via bitcoin withdraw), Cash in the mail(via exchanger) and anything else you can think of that is convenient for you. We even take Venmo/Cashapp Direct/Paypal/Apple Pay with additional identification verification and a minimum order of $200.

  • Specifically which cryptocurrencies do you accept?

    BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, XLM, EOS, LTC, ADA, XMR, UDST, TRX, DASH, MIOTA, BNB, NEO, ETC, XEM, XTZ, ZEC, VET, VTG, MKR, OMG, ZRX, DOGE, DCR, QTUM, ONT, LSK, ZIL. Contact customer support to pay with anything other than BTC.

  • What is Direct Bitcoin ATM Payment?

    We make it easy for you to use the QR Code(barcode) provided during checkout to go to a bitcoin ATM and deposit the amount due together with any transaction fees using nothing but our barcode. This makes it so you can use bitcoin without any experience at all. It is extremely simple to do. No experience necessary. More information can be found at the bottom of the FAQ.

  • How do I pay with bitcoin?

    During checkout, a brand new receiving code that is unique to you alone is generated for your order, and this code is provided along with the total amount of bitcoin due in plain text and in QR Code form. If you use a bitcoin wallet, you simply scan the QR code and send the payment. Everything is automatic.

  • How do I pay with cash in the mail?

    Contact customer support and we will middle man a transaction for you with a bitcoin exchanger, or you can use paxful.com to locate an exchanger who will do this for you. You will mail the money to them in an envelope along with a note containing our bitcoin address for your order. They will load the bitcoin on our account once they receive your cash and your order will be marked as paid. Your order will be delayed until the exchange is complete. We do not currently advise you to make payment with cash in mail.

  • How do I pay with Cashapp?

    Cashapp allows you to buy bitcoin. You must be verified to withdraw. Once you are verified (takes a few business days), all you do is open Cashapp, buy bitcoin on the main dashboard, and then withdraw the bitcoin to our address, which is provided during checkout. More information can be found at the bottom of the FAQ page. As long as you are already verified, this payment is instant. No bitcoin experience necessary.

  • How do I know when my payment has been accepted?

    Your order status will change from “Payment Pending” to “On Hold” once the payment is received, and then to “Processing” once the payment is confirmed on the bitcoin blockchain. Once your order is marked processing, that means the order is paid in full. After which there will be a confirmation of payment email sent to you registered email

  • Is Direct Bitcoin ATM safe to use?

    It is the safest of all methods provided. Some ATMs require that you scan your ID at the ATM, and most all of them require you to verify your phone number by SMS verification. None of that matters, because every single address/barcode generated is unique to your individual order. There is no way possible to tell who the address/barcode belongs to. It is impossible for someone to know that you used the ATM to pay us. We tumble and clean all bitcoin from each individual transaction before it enters into our cash flow. You need to be at least 18 to use the BTC ATM.

  • Is WU/MG safe to use?

    Use Bitcoin, Cashapp Bitcoin, or Direct Bitcoin ATM to pay to be completely safe. We do not currently advise you to make payment with WU/MG

  • How do I learn how to use Bitcoin myself?

    Click HERE to learn more about using Bitcoin yourself. You don’t need to do this if you are using the Direct ATM Bitcoin payment method.

  • Where can I find a Bitcoin ATM?

    They’re everywhere! Simply google “bitcoin atm near me” or “bitcoin atm near ZIPCODE” without quotes. Replace ZIPCODE with your 5 digit zip code. You can also click HERE to find a Bitcoin ATM near you and learn more about Bitcoin ATMs.

  • Bitcoin ATMs have a fee, do I have to pay extra to cover this fee?

    Yes. You must send the amount required in bitcoin together with any BTC ATM transaction fees to pay for your order. Check what percentage the ATM charges, and make sure to add that amount.

  • Can I prepay money into my account and use the balance to pay for orders?

    Click on My Wallet to add funds to your prepaid balance. You can then spend from this balance as you go. You must load at least $100 to use this feature.

  • Do you accept any other payment methods?

    We are always open to suggestions, but as of right now all payment methods accepted are listed clearly. No refund requests will be accepted after you made your payment. So be sure about your purchase.


  • Where do you ship orders from?

    All orders are manufactured, packaged in, and shipped from within the United States of America.

  • My order is in “BATCH” status, what does it mean?

    Means it is in Production and shipped within a day or two from Batch status.

  • Is it dangerous to order from vendors in China?

    We think so. Having your package go through Customs puts you at risk. The odds of the package being intercepted are low, but why chance it? It’s happened before, and people have had their doors kicked in and been charged with manufacturing IDs because of it. Not to mention how long it takes of course. Who wants to wait 4-10 weeks for an ID?

  • What about sellers who buy from China and reship domestically?

    This actually seems worse. Your ID with your picture and name is going through Customs in a package with other IDs that aren’t coming directly to you. Who is to know who those IDs are for or what they are going to be used for? What if the vendor you purchased from allows people to buy IDs for identity theft purposes, and your ID ends up in a box with a 40 year old guy’s 10 IDs with different names and the same picture?

  • What shipping company do you use?

    We ship using the USPS. This is for multiple reasons, including security. FedEx, UPS, and DHL all have the right to open your mail for any reason. People shipping drugs are often caught this way. Mail shipped with the USPS requires a drug dog alerting, or a warrant signed by a Federal Judge in order to open. Neither of which can happen when dealing with 21done.

  • What shipping methods are available?

    We offer USPS First Class Mail, which is just a normal envelope with a stamp on it. For a fee, you can select USPS Priority Mail, or even USPS Express Mail. We highly recommend using Priority Mail or Express Mail, as both of these options include tracking. If you selected First Class shipping and your mail gets lost by USPS, we will not replace for you. You will need to submit order for duplicate and pay for it.

  • How long does it take for my order to ship?

    Your order will ship based on our weekly batch processing system. Click here to learn more.

  • Can you ship faster than normal?

    For an additional fee, we will be offering “Out Of Batch” processing that guarantees your order shipping out the following working/shipping day.

  • How long does it take to receive my order?

    Shipping speeds vary based on the shipping method used. Check the pricing page for more details. Please take note if USPS tracking says the item is dropped off into the mailbox and the ID is not in said mailbox, we will not offer a free replacement as we have fulfilled the order obviously.

  • How much does Priority Mail and Express Mail cost?

    For Priority Mail, there is an additional $15 fee to cover costs of shipping. For Express Mail, the extra charge is $100. Express Mail is more expensive because it requires additional operational security measures to ensure your safety and ours.

  • I want to use Express Mail, what do I need to know?

    Due to requirements set by the USPS, all Express Mail orders MUST include a phone number. If you do not include a phone number, your order will ship via Priority Mail and the extra $30 will be credited towards your next order.

  • Does the package say anything about Fake IDs?

    No, there will be nothing about the package that will in anyway indicate what is inside. We use normal generic envelopes for First Class and standard size Flat Rate envelopes for Priority and Express. All orders are shipped using a standard USPS label.

  • USPS tracking shows a shipping label was created but the order hasn’t shipped. When will my order be shipped?
    Short Answer: If you receive a tracking number, we have shipped it out and it is in USPSs’ hands now. It will arrive sooner or later.
    Long Answer: Often, even after a few days, your tracking may be show something like:
    “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item”

    The above message simply indicates that USPS missed the outbound scan on your package after getting it from us, and in such cases, tracking of the package will resume after a few days once the package reaches a distribution center at your end. This used to be a very rare instance but it has become more often these days from the start of the Pandemic probably due to manpower issues. We have heard of instances whereby the mail was only scanned in AFTER 2 weeks. We are as anxious as you are regarding your order and we stress that this is beyond us. We advise you to ensure you get your order in a timely fashion by ordering it with a 2-3 week grace period.

  • What does the return address say on the package?

    The return address is always a random, real address. We do not use a business name for the return address. It is extremely important that you enter your correct address. Do not use a fake name, as some postal workers will return the package to sender if they think it is not meant for your address. Apartments often have new tenants, and some postal workers want to make sure you aren’t receiving mail that doesn’t belong to you. And for obvious reasons, we WILL NOT pick up return to sender mails. If this happens, you will have to purchase duplicate IDs as your replacement since it is no fault of ours.

  • Do you provide any hiding/stealth methods?

    Because we ship from the Domestic USA, this is not necessary as your package can never be opened. If you are concerned about parents or someone else opening your mail, use our “Super Stealth” option during checkout.

Using Your Fake ID

  • Where can I use my Fake ID?

    You can use your Fake ID at bars, restaurants, strip clubs, night clubs, liquor stores, etc. Do not use your ID to try to open a bank account, commit identity theft, board an airline, or cross a border. Do not hand your ID to a law enforcement officer. The ID will not work for any of these things, as your license number will not be in their system matching the issued date, expiration date, and other data on the ID that we set ourselves. Do not ask us to customize this data, as we will refuse.

  • Can I use my ID to work?

    That is not what this ID is intended for.

  • What information should I know about my ID?

    You should memorize any information on your ID that you would normally know about your real ID. Know your new zodiac sign! Know your neighborhood! Look up the address if you didn’t provide your own. Learn the nearest intersections and any business names near by. Bouncers have been known to ask questions like this.

  • What should I do if a bouncer says it’s fake?

    Because of the quality of our IDs, the odds of this happening are low. Some bouncers, based on the way someone acts, will test someone by putting the ID in their pocket or telling them it’s fake. Simply respond, “call the cops then because you’re not keeping my ID” and see how they react. If the situation escalates beyond that, it’s probably time to walk away. Most of the time, they are just bluffing you. It’s all about how you carry yourself, as our product is being used successfully nationwide, including at the most strict nightclubs in Chicago.

  • What if they ask for a second piece of ID?

    This is why we think it’s important to use your real name. This way, you have credit cards, a social security card, a student ID, and other pieces of ID that match the name on your card.

  • What if my ID is taken away?

    Contact customer support and we will work with you to make sure you are satisfied.

  • Will you replace my ID if it was taken away or if it is defective?

    It is on a case-by-case basis we allow replacements. And we reserve the right to deny you a replacement as and when we deem it.

  • Does the ID scan?

    Our barcode is exactly 1:1. Not many vendors can claim this. Our barcode is exactly the same as a real one, and will scan on ALL barcode scanners as real. If a barcode scanner calls it fake, then it is calling all versions of that state fake. 100% guaranteed.

  • What about UV/Black Light?

    Our IDs have the exact same UV patterns under a black light as a real ID.

  • What about the hologram?

    All of our IDs ship with a 1:1 copy of the real hologram. It will pass even the most trained eye.

  • What about the bend test?

    Our nIL passes any and all bend tests flawlessly. There will be no damage left behind and no crease or anything else that would give it away as fake. Our IDs bend exactly as a real one would. Do not be alarmed if you receive our product and it is “bent”. We age our IDs on purpose.

  • What about the ‘feel’ of the ID?

    We have gone through great lengths to ensure that our material is such that the feel and look of the front and back is as perfect as it can be. This is very hard to replicate on the nIL. You will be shocked at how spot on it is. Have a friend put 4 real IDs in their pocket and 1 fake and try to pull the fake out. They won’t be able to tell the difference, and neither will a bouncer.

  • Will there be a star on the ID?
    There is 2 criteria to be met before our system prints out the star.

    1) Only if full middle name is included when submitting information for order

    2) And that dob was such that issued date ends up being after 4/1/19


  • What is a reseller?

    A reseller is someone who buys IDs from us and sells them to other people. There is a lot of money to be made doing this!

  • What kind of reseller pricing do you offer?

    All resellers pay a flat rate of $40 per ID regardless of quantity.

  • How do I become a reseller?

    Simply buy 20 IDs or more. As soon as you’ve purchased 20 IDs in total, you are automatically considered a reseller and your pricing is locked in forever. This does not have to be in one order. As long as all of your orders on your account total 20 or more IDs, you are now a reseller. Contact our CS on wickr when you have reached this milestone and we will point you in the right direction.

  • How should I collect people’s information for their ID?

    We have a fantastic system in place for this. Customers will go to a website completely unrelated to 21done, where they will enter their own information in. They will be given an ID Number and the Last Name used for their ID, which they will send to you. That is all that is needed to submit the order! You can also directly drop ship to customers! Sell nationwide! Check out our resellers page for more information.

  • How should I get paid?

    You can take payments in crypto, cash, paypal, venmo, cashapp, zelle, or anything else! Always get paid upfront, just as we do!

  • How much should I charge?

    The best resellers out there make the least amount per ID. You want volume! The happier your customers are, the more likely they are to tell their friends that they know where to get an ID. We recommend charging $75, but some resellers charge as much as $200! You can see how you can make a ton of money doing this!

  • Do you offer ‘white label’ service?

    Yes! You can even have your own domain name! Check out our resellers page for more information

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