Weekly Batch System

We collect orders each week and process them all at once when the countdown runs out. This allows you to know when your ID will ship, as well as exactly when you will receive tracking. Click here to learn more.

^ Batch Cutoff Time ^

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If you paid via BTC and your order is still on Pending Payment after two hours, contact support. Many were just marked paid so check first.

We operate on a weekly batch system. Throughout the week we collect orders and then all at once process, produce, pack, and ship them as a single batch. This makes things more efficient for us while at the same time taking a lot of the unknowns out of the time frame involved with ordering a fake ID.

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This has resulted in consistent and accurate processing and shipping times, as well as knowing well in advance exactly when everything will happen with your order. This process has been extremely helpful to our customers and resellers, as it has been equally beneficial for us as well. With our current efforts towards releasing new states, this system allows us to free up some time during the week to allow for more research and development into offering new states and product options.

We collect orders throughout the week, and process them all at once at the same time.

  • Order cutoff time is Monday 11:59pm Central Time
  • Processing will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • All orders will ship Tuesday through Thursday
  • Tracking will be made available between Friday at 12:00pm to Sunday at 5:00pm Central Time

The weekly batch system also applies to sample orders.


To prevent malicious people from claiming to have not received a package to obtain free IDs, we have implemented the following policy in regards to shipping:

If you select the free USPS First Class option, your order is sent via stamps using normal first class mail. This DOES NOT include a tracking number of any kind. Once shipped, you will receive shipping notification, but there will not be a tracking number included. This is also how our samples are shipped out. If you select this option, reshipping will not be an option under any circumstances related to shipping. The odds of you having a problem receiving your order are about zero, but this does not stop dishonest people from attempting to receive free product.

If you select USPS Priority Mail or USPS Express Mail, you will receive a tracking number by Sunday 5:00pm Central along with everyone else from that week’s batch. If your tracking number ends up saying anything other than “Delivered” or “Returned to Sender” we will promptly replace your order. While this is extremely rare, we still want to make sure that you know that you are covered and that no matter what happens, you will end up receiving your order.

If you select USPS Express Mail but do not include a phone number, we are unable to complete your order as requested and will automatically downgrade you to USPS Priority Mail.

Depending on your location in the country, and the USPS:

  • USPS Priority mail will arrive between Friday and Monday
  • USPS Express will arrive between Thursday and Saturday

Tracking numbers will be available in your order history, as well as by email to your registered email account. Make sure to use a Protonmail.com email address to ensure that you receive tracking! Always check your spam folder just in case. ALL customers from each weekly batch will receive their tracking number(s) at the same time every week.

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